New Rating System & Favorites!

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      Instead of stars or pluses, we now have “reactions” (like Facebook). It was difficult to get the plugin working, so we’re going to call this finished. I can change the graphics at anytime.

      The neat thing is that it counts all “reactions” together. So, it’s like a “plus” no matter which emoji you choose.

      Another built-in feature of the software is “Favorites.” It was a little confusing because they were using a heart icon and that could easily be confused with the “love” emoji. I changed it to a star. This can be used for something like “Community Favorites” when a lot of members mark it as their favorite. This can also be used to find that post again later. There will be a link to show all of the posts you have selected as a favorite. Fun stuff!

      HIDDEN TRICK: If you click on the bubble which shows the number of reactions, it will open a floating window that shows which reaction each person picked.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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