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    Thanks for the update. I was really hoping it was something I could turn off. Hopefully you can add that option in the future but I guess since you are the one doing the work, you get to decide what goes into the design.

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    Those mouse trails are annoying to me and I’d rather not see them.  Can I turn them off? If so, how do I turn them off? If not, can you make it so I can turn them off? In case it isn’t obvious I’d really like them off. Thanks.

  • I like her smile. Well done.

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    Hope so. Google plus made things so easy to see though. I guess once this place gets the bugs ironed out it’ll be better. Here’s hoping anyway.

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    Same to you.

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    I just gained the achievement Investigator – View 10 Pages and got 25 points!

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    Just jumped over from Google+. The countdown is nearly up so I figured I should move before everything went down.