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    zeke 1 year ago

    News for Grunt’s and above…

    News for Grunt’s and above…

    EDITORS: I want to try something different.

    We don’t have enough active members for the forum and groups. I think it just complicates it for new people. So, I turned those off.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to make some money to cover the server cost. I made a new category for the cam-girls, instead of putting them on a bunch of pages, now they’re all on one page.

    I created a new category named “products” where I will make posts for Amazon products that are fantasy-related. When the site starts getting more traffic then it might start working.

    Also, the scrapers were causing some trouble and now the site is slower until I can get it cleaned-up. So, I turned those off too. I figured that we already have 36,000 amazing posts that nobody will get to see. This website is too big! It does not need more than 10,000 good posts (6 per day for 4.5 years). We need to get rid of all the posts that are not great or contain nudity.

    This website is only getting ~50-100 new visits per day. It needs to be closer to 1,000 for it to be fun. HOWEVER, the auto-posts to the social networks get a LOT of views. On the FB page, they each get between 350-2,000 views. The other social pages all get views (& shares, & likes) too. Right now, this website is auto-posting 6 per day (every 4 hours) from “Community Favorites, Mod-Picks, & Most Shared.”

    I have setup a new category named “FANTASY ART” and this will be the new category for the auto-poster to use. Anything that we publish to this new category will eventually get auto-posted to all of the social networks. This way, OUR posts (and favorites) will get views and shares, instead of just random posts.

    The posts in the new category should not contain any nudity. They should all credit the artist. The text can contain the original member’s name and the date because the auto-poster will change the date to now and the user as “Fantasy Art Village.” They should not have images in the body, only as featured image. It might be helpful if we describe the image in some way, or mention something about it, or the best would be to ask a question. It might be helpful if we used some of those specific key-phrases that I’ve listed on the homepage.