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Dear Group and Community Owners…

Throughout this year I will share 1,000 beautiful works of Fantasy Art AND the artists who created them with people who love and appreciate the genre. With your help each artwork may be enjoyed by up to 50,000 people who might otherwise never know about these artists.

This is good for YOUR group because of active posting which will attract new members to YOU. It is also good for the genre as a whole as we bring SAFE FOR WORK Fantasy Artwork to the attention of many who do not recognize it as a legitimate artform. It is good for artists who get FREE exposure for their work and products.

Please contact me on Facebook, Google, or email with any helpful ideas or suggestions. Your group has already been chosen to participate so if you don’t want to, please just let me know.

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Supposedly some people took great offence to the watermark I applied to the images I recently posted. Allegedly it appeared commercialized and insulting to the artists. In response I have replaced the previous mark with a much smaller one and placed it in a less obtrusive spot. YES, I AM trying to promote my own blog in addition to sharing amazing art by amazing artists but my intention was never to hurt anybody’s feelings. I apologize. ~Zeke

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