– No Ads or Spam

– No Flooding (max 5 posts per day)

– No Images Which Include Children!

– Stylized Photography Only!

– No Religion Discussion

– Be Nice!

NOTE: Please include the name of the artist and their work if you know it, thanks!

Comments are directed towards the original poster and speaks about their choice in artwork. If someone comments on your post then they are speaking to you. Comments can also be about feelings the artwork inspires in you or your opinion about the imagery. Comments can certainly be about the artist or technique but we prefer to focus on the artwork itself. Tell us what you think about the image. Be nice! Mean or hateful comments or posts will NOT be tolerated. If you can’t be nice, just keep your comments to yourself.

Illustration, manga/anime, 3D, cosplay, stylized photography, animations, and anything else that is FANTASY imagery.

IF YOUR POST WAS REMOVED Posts are typically only removed if they violate one of the rules. On occasion the image includes a child, even fully clothed is not allowed. Some leniency is given for Anime who often look young but are given the benefit of a doubt they are depictions of young-looking adults.

ADS AND SELF-PROMOTION Ads of any kind are NOT permitted. If you would like to promote your work, please post an illustration that is relevant to this group and include a single link to the page you want to promote. Artists are encouraged to do so. Also, remember to sign and watermark your images.

PHOTOGRAPHY If the work is highly stylized, then it might be appropriate for this community. If it’s a “selfie” or picture take with a phone, …probably not.

RELIGION Everyone has a right to their own religious views and I’m 100% ok with that but that topic is forbidden from this community as it causes some anger and bad feelings. Please discuss it somewhere else, this is now a banning offense.